3 password managers, Alzheimer’s disease and how you can save huge time in everyday’s work plan


You have a lot of usernames/passwords to remember when you are working online.

me and Alzheimer

Although I am not even 40 years old I recently searched for symptoms of Alzheimer. Why? Can't remember my passwords! Too many applications, too many usernames, too many passwords, changes again and again. I have tried to use almost the same password for every application, but no luck. 

My passwords  John123, joHn1234, JoHn1234 ended in very short time. The diagram below depicts the problem more accurately.

I am sure that if you have the password - Alzheimer problem you know it. 

Well after doing some research I have found that:

  1. I don't have Alzheimer (at least not now...).
  2. A tool called password manager can save you from this particular problem.


What is a password manager?

The main concept of the software is that you logon only in one application, with only one username/password, and from there you can control all your username/passwords in every application.

Basic features that you have to check in such a software before selecting it, are:

  • What platforms are supported by the password manager (web browsers, operating systems, devices). You have to find a tool that supports all the platforms you are using.
  • A major difference between these tools are desktop password managers and browser password managers. 
  • Automatic Form Filler option. Some of these tools have an extremely powerful option that they fill the user and password data automatically into the forms. This is a must have option. Also if you first complete a form they give the option to store this data for future use.
  • Defense against phishing and pharming. Because these tools keep all the authentic URLs, protects you from false-hacking URLs which are trying to steal your credentials.
  • If the password data is encrypted or not and where this database are located (locally or in the web).

Risks to keep in mind.

  • Don't lose your master password.
  • Don't use an easy master password. 
  • If they hack your master password (probably because you are using an easy password or because you are using an 'easy' password manager) they will hack all your passwords.


3 password managers that deserve your attention

If you spend some time in our resources or in internet googling you will find a lot of tools in this category. The purpose here at productivity-habits.com isn't to find the perfect tool because we don't believe that such a tool exists. Everyone has his/her habits and working methods. Some tools may suit you better than others, but the problem here isn't to find the one and only perfect tool, but to find a tool to begin with and start solving your problems. If you make the first move, then maybe when you are mature enough in using such a software you can search for something better and the process go on.

So here we mention only three password managers that we believe they deserve your attention (probably there are some thousands out there but you really want to research this now?). 

1) Lastpass

  • Supports almost all Operating Systems
  • One master password
  • Automatic form filling
  • One click login
  • Synchronize across all web browsers
  • Import existing data from browsers
  • Export your data
  • Share passwords with team
  • Generate secure passwords

An extremely good and recommended password manager. It is almost free, there is a free version and one more advanced with only $1 per month. You can use the free version with no problem (I use this tool).

2) 1Password

  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad support.
  • Strong encryption of your data.
  • Synchronizing using Dropbox.
  • Supports almost all the web browsers.
  • Secure notes option.

Very advanced features for all kind of users. Best for mac's but it supports all the platforms. It has a 30 day trial version which you can test and it costs about $50 to buy the full version.


3) Roboform

  • Powerful Access from Anywhere option.
  • Supports almost all the Operating Systems and web browsers.
  • One click form filling.
  • Full USB portability.
  • Encrypted safenotes.
  • Phishing protection.
  • Available in 30 languages.

There are multiple versions to select (and pay) if you decide to use this tool. 30 days trial to test the software.


TAKE ACTION NOW (this is for you!)

  1. Do you have the problem mentioned above? Do you have multiple passwords to remember again and again? If yes, then proceed. If not, then please leave this article. Rule the technology, don't let technology rule you. If you don't need these tools don't spend your time for anything useless for you. Your time is your value. Don't be that gadget guy with million of tools running behind configurations. Do you really need a tool like a password manager?
  2. If you are still here, then you probably want to try a password manager. Please select one of the three recommended above. Don't try them all. Select only one. The one that looks most familiar to you.
  3. Install the software and spend 10 minutes with the manual. No more, no less. If you try to read the manual you are connecting with the 'creator' of the software. You are better understanding the scope of the software. (We will have some 'unboxing' articles in the future. If you want you can follow them).
  4. When you install the software and read the manual then try to fully use it to get the full value. I will say it once again to keep it clear: "TRY TO FULL USE IT TO GET THE FULL VALUE". Don't just spend 5 minutes and quit. If you answered yes to the first question, then you can save big time. Most of us install a tool and then we quit it before we truly understand it.
  5. Use it for one week. Be strictly. FULL USE IT FOR ALL YOUR PASSWORDS.
  6. After one week make your decisions. Have you saved time? You spend about 15 minutes to install it and probably about 45 minutes to fully use it. Do you think that you can save time and effort with such a tool? If yes, then you can keep the software and use it to the maximum. If you don't believe that you can save time, then uninstall the software and write down that you don't need a password manager for now. You spend about an hour, but at least now you know!
  7. Keep the results of this assessment in a special "TAKE ACTION' folder in your computer or in your office desk (if you do it on paper). Create a habit of working on the data of this 'TAKE ACTION' folder at least once a month. Decide what ACTIONS you will take from this work.


According to my use the last 6 months I will tell you this: 'I cannot live without a password manager, it is a time saver!'

To your productivity!



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