How much time you can save by touch typing?


You use a computer everyday but you are typing by seeing the keyboard. You can't type 'blind'.  You don't know touch typing.

Have you ever had a touch typing lesson?

I am working with computers for about 20 years now, and since I started I had a few touch typing lessons. I can type about 50-60 words per minute, probably less if I type in a foreign language.

Touch typing is a  method to type without using the sense of sight to find the keys in the keyboard. Some people achieved speeds of 130 words per minute or more, by using this method. This speed is really fantastic if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer keyboard.

Common problems, if you don't use this method, are:

  • You are losing time typing.
  • You have neck problems by switching your head between the computer screen and the keyboard.
  • You need a lot of time to enter a simple document from paper to a computer.

It is really strange that they don't have touch-typing lessons in schools (or maybe in the schools in my country). It is even more strange when people who are working countless hours with the keyboard, like writers, bloggers, programmers, etc, don't use touch typing to accelerate their typing speed.

Everybody who spend time typing should learn touch typing. It is a time saver.


"I don't need touch typing, I can type fast enough with the two fingers!"

Every time I was suggesting someone to take a touch typing lesson I was listening the exactly same excuse.  I don't need it!

Well if you belong in this category of people I challenge you to take a speed test. If you are typing faster than 70 words per minute, which is an intermediate typist speed, then you are right. If you don't type that fast or if you have neck problems or if you want to type a lot faster, then you should consider taking touch typing lessons.

Some sites that you can use to take a typing speed test:

  1. Typing test from Typing Master, one of the oldest companies in the field of touch typing software.
  2. A very nice speed typing test with option to test about 50 different languages, not only English.
  3. Organizing online speed typing competitions every hour.
  4. In this site you can compete other users by taking the same test.
  5. Another typing test.
  6. A very user friendly typing test.


How much time can you save by touch typing? An example.


You don't touch type, you type by seeing the keyboard, you only use some fingers or you touch type but your speed is low.

You type about 30 words per minute.

You spend about 1 hour of typing in keyboard per day.


If you learn touch typing and improve your speed:

You will type about 60 words per minute (intermediate level).

You will save about 2,5 hours per week or 10 hours per month (that's one working day!).


That's only an example case. If you are spending much more time typing the savings will be much bigger. If you spend 2 hours per day typing then you will save about 20 hours per month by doubling your typing speed. That's a lot of time in our busy schedule.

Free online touch typing lessons you can take.

There a lot of online lessons to learn touch typing. After trying most of them I have found my top five tools. I believe that you will find them useful, too. Some major features you have to check are the method they use to teach you touch typing and the response of the tool when you type in your browser.

  1. Probably the best free online tool available to learn touch typing.  A lot of lessons for whatever level of typist you are. There is also a paid edition in which you don't have any ads around the screen and you get access to some premium lessons. 
  2. 100 lessons to learn touch typing completely free. It is one of the most popular touch typing sites on the net.
  3. Totally free tool.
  4. Free, simple and easy online tool.
  5.  This site is from TypingMaster, a company dedicated to create software to learn touch typing. It is not completely free but you can find a lot of useful information and lessons before buy anything.

If you have the time to do an installation you can also try which is a free touch typing tutor for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Simple but complete and effective tool.

After mastering an online tool maybe you will want to work with an even more complete tool. There are a lot of paid software to continue your training.

How much time do I need to learn touch typing?

If you spend about 10-15 minutes per day then you will need less than a month to learn all the keys of the keyboard. If you focus in your lessons and if you work with a good software after a month you will type about 40-50 words per minute or more.

Touch typing is really a productivity habit. Even if you know touch typing it is a very efficient habit trying to improve your speed and accuracy.

TAKE ACTION NOW (this is for you!)

  1. Take a speed typing test.
  2. If your speed is less than 40 words per minute and if you spend more than 1 hour everyday typing in front of a keyboard, then consider testing one of the suggested online courses to improve your typing speed.
  3. Take a look to the online touch typing lessons and find one that fits your needs best.
  4. Keep the results of this assessment in a special "TAKE ACTION' folder in your computer or in your office desk (if you do it on paper). Create a habit of working on the data of this 'TAKE ACTION' folder at least once a month. Decide what ACTIONS you will take from this work.


It's been time since I took my last touch typing lesson.  I will start again right now and I will make it a habit to try to improve every week. I spend a lot of hours in front of a computer typing so the fastest I get the more time I will save.

To your productivity!



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